72 hours of pure love

Because our fermentation makes the pizza more nutritious, healthy, and easier to digest: this is what we love. Let's Pizza!

Our pizza is completely artisanal, and therefore both healthy and easy to digest. We do not use any refined ingredients or additives, starting with the fermentation: done twice, during 72 hours. The result is an authentic dough which is easy to digest, has a honeycombed structure and is crunchy, light, and succulent. The final touch is baking it in our prestigious Morello stone oven. The result is in your hands: a flavorful pizza where you can taste the quality ingredients in every bite, be it proteins or vegetables, until you finish the pizza, without leaving any of the crust. This love for quality products reaches all the way to Italy, where we rub shoulders with the best pizzas at the World Championships in Naples... Mamma Mia!

Local and flavorful ingredients

When making pizzas, the only thing that counts is making them well: using the best local ingredients and raw materials coming straight from Italy with a protected origin certification; a seal of quality. And of course, respecting those ingredients to bring that authenticity to the plate, without frying or any unnecessary frills. We also bring this passion for a job well done to our drinks menu: good beer and wines with personality selected to bring to your table the best from local artisan winemakers.

We are true dog lovers

What could be better than sharing a delicious pizza with friends? If among them is a four-legged friend, they are also welcome. They won't be able to enjoy our menu, but they will always have fresh water available, to rest and relax.